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What is a KINDpreneur?™

A person or team using their business to make our world a better place. Focused on doing meaningful work that matters and have a genuine concern for others or the planet. They are the change makers and solution providers with the quest to put our world on a better course. Inspiring other thought leaders to create conscious businesses, with the goal of one day making them the new business-as-usual.

We love KIND businesses who share values like:

Earth Friendly

Earth Friendly

Eco friendly, recycled, compostable, biodegradable, plastic free, carbon reduced, energy efficient, zero waste or sustainable

Cruelty Free

Animal Welfare

Free from animal cruelty throughout the development and manufacturing process or supports animal welfare

Ethical or Fair Trade

Ethical & Fair

Ethically sourced or Fair Trade standards throughout the manufacturing process ensuring workers rights are looked after


Reduce Poverty

Enabling the poor or homeless to create wealth for themselves as a means of ending poverty forever

Giving Back

Giving Back

Helping those in need via voluntary time, pay it forward or buy one gift one campaigns
(rather than just charity donations)
Kindness & Compassion


Sharing compassion and acts of kindness to bring joy to others and make the world a better place by spreading ripple of kindness



Engaging in community projects to create a sense of belonging and lasting change for those involved

Diversity and Minority Groups


Protecting those at most risk of prejudice and discrimination due to ethnic minority, race, sex, gender or disability

Mental Health & Mindfulness

Mental Health

Supporting those who experience mental health difficulties. Helping to prevent suicide or introducing mindfulness practices

Your Online Shop!

Introducing KINDpreneurs™… a marketplace for kind entrepreneurs using their business as a force for good. Your very own online shop on a platform that attracts customers who share your vision and make conscious purchase decisions. People who really care and want to buy from businesses who are doing the right thing, who share their values, safe in the knowledge their purchase can help bring about lasting change and impact the lives of others. KINDpreneurs™ will give your mission the right tools it needs to succeed, rather than relying on a website that isn’t getting found, or social media with the ever-changing algorithms.

You will be in complete control of your own shop and receive orders DIRECT from your customers, so you can be assured your brand is giving your customers the best possible experience.

What Can I Sell?

We give you the tools to grow your purpose focused business, no matter what you offer
Eco Products
Products that fit with some or all of our values. You post direct to your customers
Downloadable printables like worksheets, planners, colouring books etc
Virtual Services
Virtual services like coaching, content writing or advertising space etc

Powerful Shop Features!

Product & Services

Offer physical/downloadable products or virtual services

Multi Price Products

Add product options with different prices


Allow customers to add personalisation


Add shop wide, product and bulk discounts


Offer discount coupons and display code in your shop

Stock Management

Manage your product inventory

Custom Branding

Add your own custom branding to your shop

Favourite Shop

Customers can favourite your shop and receive updates

Holiday Mode

Temporarily close your shop for holidays

Shop Notice

Display messages to your customers

Social Networks

Increase your following by sharing your social networks

Purchase Note

Add a purchase note to customers order email

Flexible Shipping

Set your own UK shipping costs and offer free shipping if customers spend over XX amount


Customers can add your products to their wishlist

Promote Additional Products

Advertise on product page and checkout

Customer Reviews

Essential tool in gaining customers trust

Share Your Story

Share your Kindpreneur story and values

Customer Questions

Customers are able to ask you questions

Secret Products

Hide commissioned products from other customers

Search Engine Friendly

Add keywords and descriptions to your shop

Product Views

Analytics to see your most popular products

Dashboard & Reports

Easily see your top selling/earning products

Great Support

Need help? Raise a ticket right in your dashboard

Kind Business Classes

In addition to your shop, you will also gain access to our soon to be released Kind Classes, giving you the tools to learn, develop and grow your purpose led business. Covering topics such as How to List Products, Mindset, Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. We’ll give you all the tools you need to create a successful business with heart. Experts in our community will also have the chance to create their own Kind Classes to support fellow Kindpreneurs in the quest to make the world a better place together.

Kind Business Courses Social Entrepreneur

Kind Club

Being a force for good can sometimes be a tough struggle, you can feel all alone in your entrepreneurial purpose-led business. Other entrepreneurs don’t have the same empathy, kindness or the desire to help others. As much as your meaningful work lights up your heart, you can become burnt out trying to put purpose before profit with little rewards.
Introducing Kindpreneurs™ here to support you in your dreams to impact the world for good. Bringing together heart centred entrepreneurs in one space, we can lift each other up and know we belong. Create meaningful relationships and find your very own ‘friendpreneurs’. Bonding over shared visions, a genuine desire to do the right thing, making a real difference to the lives of others or the planet.

Collaborate & Connect
Bond over shared visions and a genuine desire to do the right thing.

As a KINDpreneur™

You get access to all this!

Unlimited products/services and powerful features!

Entrepreneurial masterclasses to develop and grow your business (coming soon)

Heart centred entrepreneurs in one space

Attracting customers who share your vision and make conscious purchase decisions

Spreading the Word


Paid advertising as well as featuring in relevant podcasts, magazines, blogs and tapping into our network of experts

Social Media

Specialised knowledge in what causes a real buzz with conscious consumers on social media

Kindpreneur Launch Plan

Search Engines

Expertly built and optimised for Google using a background in the UK's largest online ecommerce websites
Littlewoods   Littlewoods  Littlewoods

Word of Mouth

Our community of like minded entrepreneurs and conscious consumers shouting loud and proud!

Fill your shop up with as many or as little as you like with zero listing fees

Free to cancel anytime. You can also swap or pause your subscription

Post orders DIRECT to your customers, giving them the best experience

Zero commission. Receive 100% of sales

(after payment gateway fees)

Your Shop, Kind Club & Kind Classes for

Just £10 a month!

Special EARLY BIRD Offer!

We’re rewarding our Founding Members with…….

A FREE SHOP until 1st October!!!!

THEN…. all founding members who join us NOW will also benefit from the exceptional value once in a lifetime offer…….

£15/MONTH MEMBERSHIP FEE for as long as you’re a member, with no tie in.   As a founding member you will also get the opportunity to co-create the future of Kindpreneurs!!
Free Online Shop


KINDpreneurs™ is currently by invitation only

However, if we’ve not yet discovered your kind business and you think you meet the criteria, we’d love to hear from you.
To be considered, your business needs to be impacting the world for good, live by some of our core values and offer a high quality product or service 🙂

If we follow you on Instagram, we already love you, so go ahead and apply x

We love discovering kind businesses! If you meet the criteria, we’d love to hear from you!
To be considered, your business needs to be impacting the world for good, live by some of our core values and offer a high quality product or service.
(If we follow you on Instagram, we already love you, so go ahead and apply)
Already had your invite? Check your messages for how to access your shop. Or email us.
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  • If someone recommended us, please let us know so we can thank them



£10.00 /month(s)

One simple monthly fee,
No tie in,
Zero commission!

Full access to:
Unlimited product listings,
VIP Kind Club,
Kind Business Classes


Products: One price or multiple options, physical, virtual or downloadable.
(subscriptions will also be possible, if there is enough demand from KINDpreneurs™)

Services:  Coaching, Advertising Space or Business Services.

Helping you diversify and build the business of your dreams!

We’re based in United Kingdom and are proud to promote Kindpreneurs who live in the UK
When customers buy from you, your funds appear in your Stripe account immediately, then land in your bank account in 7 days. You will need a Stripe account to receive your funds which is very like a Paypal account and easy to set up.

Zero Commission. No listing fees. One simple monthly fee.
Stripe charge just 1.4% + 20p per order.
Paypal will soon be added as a payment gateway.

Unlike other online marketplaces, at KINDpreneurs™ you are in complete control of your own shop. You don’t need to have lots of stock to send us a bulk delivery to then lie in a warehouse until customers order. Instead, you receive your orders DIRECT from your customers and post orders to your customers yourself – simples! You can then be assured that your brand is giving your customers the best possible experience. 

Hi Kindpreneurs

I'm Karen Thomas

Founder of KINDpreneurs™

“Before setting up KINDpreneurs, I worked in the corporate world working with UK’s Retail Giants. Following becoming disabled practically overnight, I had my first ‘KINDpreneur’ adventure creating Conscious Crafties, a very successful marketplace supporting disabled entrepreneurs. I’ve seen that kind entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping people, animals or planet, work tirelessly to help others, often neglecting their own lives and self care. It can also be a lonely journey in our mission to make the world a better place with little support. So along came KINDpreneurs, here to showcase kind businesses and the unsung entrepreneurs behind the brand. Helping you connect to conscious shoppers to grow your purpose focussed business. Alongside your online shop, we also have an awesome community of like minded fellow KINDpreneurs so you can connect, collaborate and build lasting friendships. You will also gain access to our Kind Classes, helping you make the most of your shop and make an impact in the world, all tailored with your kind businesses in mind. After looking after Retail Giants I’m really looking forward to supporting Kind Giants and can’t wait to hear your stories about how you are making our world a better place.
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